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Oops! It Broke...

"Merchant Magic® includes a comprehensive repairs tool that allows you to document every aspect involved in repairing a gun, lower, rod, bow or other item. Firearms are "automagically" logged into the electronic repairs ATF bound book. "
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What Does the Repairs Module Track?

​The Merchant Magic® repairs module tracks the following:

  • Date Received

  • Reported Problem

  • Service Performed

  • Parts Used in Repair

  • Who Dropped it Off

  • Who Picked it up

  • When Was Customer Contacted

  • Gunsmith's Notes

  • Tracks When You Send Weapon to an Off-site gunsmith or back to the distributor

  • One-button click to generate a POS Receipt from the Repair Ticket

  • Firearms are automatically written to the "Repairs" bound book. (A/D)


Q. Will my repair guns be accounted for in the bound book should I get audited by the ATF and will it show as part of my inventory when it comes to IRS tracking?

A. For Uncle Sam's purposes, the repair guns are NOT counted as part of your store's inventory.

The in-house repair guns will show in your bound book as an acquisition entry which is ideal in the event you receive a surprise visit from your local ATF IOI.

Does The Repairs Module Generate a Repair Ticket?

Absolutely!  The repair ticket can be printed and included with the repair item. 


Q. Do I have to put a repair into the A/D book?

A. The repairs module is flexible in that it doesn't require you to put an entry into the bound book because various scenarios can arise:

  • 1. The weapon will not be on premise for more than 24 hours.

  • 2. The item is not a firearm.

  • 3. The firearm is a range gun and is already in your bound book as an acquisition.

We encourage you to log all firearms into the bound book even if it will not be in your possession for more than 24 hours.

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