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Inventory Management is the KEY to Your Store's Success 

"Merchant Magic® tracks firearms, ammunition, holsters, rods, reels... whatever you add to the POS.  It tells you what you have, what sells, what sits, what needs to be reordered and what items are fully stocked. 
You can turn on "Magic Live" replenishment to further streamline your ordering process! " 


  • Complete Inventory Tracking

  • Customize Inventory Departments and Categories

  • Item Entry via Barcode Scanner or Touch Screen

  • Attach Images to Products and View them at POS

  • QUICK Inventory Searches

  • Tracks Thousands of SKU's

  • Tracks on-hand, on-order and Allocated Quantities

  • Complete Inventory Audit Log Exists for in-depth Queries

  • Create Custom Pricing Per UPC Based on Quantity Sold and/or Date Range

  • Retire Inventory Items

  • Color-Code a UPC for Warranty, LE, etc...

In and Out

  • Track Allocation Alerts at Receiving

  • Track L.E. Items at Inventory and Point of Sale

  • Gunsmithing/Repairs Tool

  • Includes Audit Log for Every UPC

Gun Tags

  • Create and Print Your Own Gun Tags Using the DYMO Label Writer

  • Color-Code your inventory for warranty, close-outs, LE (law enforcement) purposes

  • Purchase Orders and Receiving Directly Affects Inventory


  • Identify the Slow movers and the Fast Sellers

  • Reconcile Inventory and Firearms Using a Hand-Held Scanner

  • Cycle Count Reports

  • Value of Inventory Report

  • Instock Firearms List - Always Handy During an ATF Audit

  • Receive Inventory by PO or without a PO

  • Allocation Alerts at Receiving For Special Orders

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