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Built for the Firearms Industry

"Merchant Magic® POS includes everything you need to manage your inventory and firearms while keeping you compliant with the ATF. It integrates seamlessly with our eCommerce solution making it the ideal choice for your retail and online store as well as your range."



  • Item Entry via Barcode Scanner or Touch Screen

  • User-Configurable Buttons for Speedy Sales

  • Scan Driver's Licenses to Instantly Add Customers into the System.

  • Tracks Retail, Web, Gun Show and Event Sales!

  • Customer Notes appear at POS


What's Popular?

  • Do a Gun Trace in Seconds

  • Display Discrete Customer Notes at Check-Out  

  • Touch Screen Design to Expedite Check-Out

  • Attach Images to Products and Customers

  • Allocation Alerts at Receiving

  • Runs on One or More WIndows-based PC's

  • Runs on your Local Network

  • Complete Customer Tracking

  • Tracks Allocated Items

  • Trade Ins are Handled Properly in Merchant Magic®

  • Allows Direct Buys 

  • Built-in Backup

  • Take Inventory with Hand-held Scanner

  • Print Gun Tags in Seconds 

  • Retire Inventory Items

Cervelle Software offers INTEGRATED credit card processing with the following processors:

  • Global Payments

  • Gravity Payments

  • Fortis


Most-Used Reports

  • Sales , X/Z and P/L Reports

  • Sales Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax by Zip Code and State

  • Reorder Reports

  • Performance Reports

  • Restocking Report

  • Slow Movers/ Fast Sellers

  • Built-in ATF-Compliant A/D Bound Book

  • Built-in 4473 

  • 3310.4

  • Time-to-Crime

  • Trending Curves

  • Mailing Lists

  • Customer Details Report

  • and many more...

More Features

  • Generate Packing Slips

  • Finance Your Sales! (Great when working with law enforcement!)

  • Hands-Free Reordering to Lowest Cost Distributor 

  • Live Catalogs are indispensable when adding new inventory into Merchant Magic®

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