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4473 Kiosk Software

"Did you know the most COMMON VIOLATIONS during ATF audits relate to mistakes on your 4473?"

Ask About Our Paperless 4473!

4473 Features

Developed by Cervelle Software to Seamlessly Integrate with Merchant Magic® POS

  • Uses the Latest 4473 Form

  • Prints an Overflow Page if Applicable

  • Legible 

  • 4473 Can be Reprinted

  • Easy-to-Use

  • Run Multiple 4473 Kiosks at Your Store

  • Signature Pad Stores Signatures to Form.

  • Extensive Built-in ERROR Checking.

  • Touch-Screen Compatible.

  • Runs on a Laptop, Computer or Other Windows-based Tablet.

But Wait!
There's More!

Another advantage of having the same manufacturer for your POS and e4473 is that you only need to call one company to ask a question and you only need to pay technical support to one company.   When it's integrated, you won't have to play the "hot potato" game wondering which company to call to get your question answered or problem solved.  Lastly, when it's one company, you eliminate the "bridge" between two dissimilar products.

Reduce Your Risk

Firearms on the Receipt are Automagically copied to the 4473.

The Receipt will not close until all REQUIRED information is provided on the 4473 insuring all information has been provided.

Upon Closing a Receipt containing one or more firearms, the disposition record(s) is AUTOMATICALLY added to your bound book.

TRUE Seamless bound book integration and ATF compliance exists because the POS, bound book and e-4473 are all developed by Cervelle Software.

Make ATF Audits
a Breeze!

Merchant Magic® lets you pull up your existing 4473's and view the corresponding bound book entries, multiple pistol/revolver report and receipt all at once lending itself to quicker ATF audits and ATF compliance.

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