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Easily Manage Consignments

Consigned firearms are automatically added to the bound book upon intake and a disposition record is automatically added to your A/D book when the consigned item sells.


Complete Tracking

Merchant Magic™ POS offers complete consignment tracking.  

Tracks Inventory through the ENTIRE Consignment Cycle.

Tells You Which Item on a Consignment was Sold, Date Sold, and Receipt Number of Sale

Allows you to Make Partial Payments to Customer on Multi-item Consignments

Very Flexible

Allows you to add or remove one or more items from a consignment without having to void the entire consignment

Can change the selling price of the consigned item at POS and this will be reflected on the consignment and vice versa


Q. "If a customer calls to check on their consigned items, is there a quick way to check if they sold?"

 A. There sure is!  Once you pull up their list of consigned items, you can see if each item has sold or is on a pending sale. You can also cut partial checks to the consignors should some of their items sell and not others.

Consignment Contract

Generates  a consignment contract listing all the items, the negotiated selling price and the amount owed to the consignor.

Gun Tags

Create and print gun tags from Merchant Magic™ POS to affix to newly consigned firearms 


Charge fees for transacting the consignment 

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