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Auto-magic  refers to how Merchant Magic® processes many of the tedious tasks as a background process making them magically disappear from your to-do list.

Examples of Auto-Magic Processes

1. Your Bound Book is AUTO-MAGICALLY populated whenever you receive, sell, trade, consign, or transfer a firearm.

2. Inventory quantities on your or Big Commerce websites are  AUTO-MAGICALLY updated when quantities change in Merchant Magic®.

3. Integrated credit card processing cuts down on data entry and double entry and AUTO-MAGICALLY puts money in your bank when processing a sale.

4. Running low on inventory?  Magic Live identifies items needing to be replenished and AUTO-MAGICALLY sends in orders to Lipseys, RSR, Big Rock and Sports South topping off to the limits set by your store.

5. The ATF Bound Book checker runs through thousands of records and AUTO-MAGICALLY identifies even the smallest of errors.

6. When you ring up a firearm sale, the weapons show up AUTO-MAGICALLY on the 4473 meaning you don't have to enter them twice!


What Does Auto-Magic Mean?

What Does Cervelle Mean?

Cervelle means "brain" in French and that's an ideal word to describe the folks that work at Cervelle Software.


Why Include the Word, Magic, in the Name of our Software Products?  

Arthur C. Clark once said:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Our Products use the latest technologies such as web service and API integration to communicate with distributors and eCommerce solutions. Our products make tedious jobs disappear... just like magic!

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