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Leverage Your Data to Help Make Wise Decisions

"Merchant Magic® extracts and converts your data into meaningful charts, curves, and reports that are geared at helping your business grow "

Monitor Sales Effectiveness

Wondering how the holster sale you had last week affected your bottom line?  

Merchant Magic® POS will provide you with sales data and with graphs to help you decide if that sale was worthwhile..

Adjust Ordering Practices based on Sales History

Review your sales over a date range and make adjustments to your ordering practices to increase overall sales and to not reorder the slow movers. 


Based on sales data, you might decide to no longer carry knives in your store.  Or conversely, a category of goods might be such a hot seller, that you might decide to double your stock.

Export to Excel and Build Your Own Reports

If you are looking for reports that aren't available in Merchant Magic®, you can export the data into Excel where you can manage your own data mining efforts.


Some folks totally embrace the unlimited potential of having the raw data at their finger tips.  


Data is power! Check with us for guidance on how to harness that power.  And remember, we do NOT store or share your data with third parties.  It's your data to share, not ours.

Keep a Close Eye on Inventory

With inventory auditing turned on, you can review your inventory count on a specific day. You can see how that inventory count changed and who changed it by reviewing the easy-to-read logs.  If you suspect you are short a few boxes of ammunition, you can look up that UPC, see how many you should have had, review the purchase and sales record, and draw conclusions from there. 

Expedite Reordering 

View a list of all items in your store that need to be reordered based on their on-hand quantity and their reorder points and decide what you want to reorder from that list.  Or let Merchant Magic™ automatically determine by category or store wide what needs to be reordered using data mining techniques.  Leveraging the software to help you in the reordering process lessens the time it would take if you did it manually.  And that old cliché applies here:  Time is Money!

Staff Your Store Based on Busy and Light Hours

Another useful way that Merchant Magic® uses data mining is with the Peak Hours report. You can quickly generate a report showing what days of the week and what times your store is the busiest.  In this way, you can insure that you always keep the right number of employees working during peak hours and away during slow periods.

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