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Training is Included with Your Purchase

"Cervelle Software is a HUGE believer in the benefits of training.  Our capable support specialists are patient and caring and relish the opportunity to teach you how to best use Merchant Magic® in your store."

Does Cervelle Offer Software Training?

Absolutely!  Cervelle Software starts you off with three standard training sessions that are offered after software installation. 

During setup, our technical support specialists will help you customize the POS software.  Then, you will learn how to input your inventory and finally, you will learn how to sell, consign, trade, and transfer inventory.



  • Merchant Magic® includes an extensive feature list. We work with you to make sure you are using all the built-in functionality to meet your specific business needs while skimming over features that don't apply to your store.  

  • We won't train you how to do repairs if your business doesn't engage in gunsmithing, for example.

  • We are very customer-oriented and training is  tailored to your needs. 

  • Ongoing training is included in the price of the technical support contract. 

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