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Ready Your Guns for the Show!

"Merchant Magic® creates receipts that can be tagged by the gun show name and it lets you run sales tax reports for each zip code and state."
Never stop trying to build your guns!

Gun Show
Set up

Merchant Magic® resides locally on your computer or server.  Single license stores can take their PC to the gun show and process their sales right there. You can also connect to your actual store via remote connection software and process remotely. 


The receipts that are generated at the gun show can be tagged with the gun show name.


We encourage you to run sales reports by Gun Show name and date to determine if that gun show was worth doing again!  


Handling Multiple Tax Rates is a Snap!

The task of tallying the sales tax owed to each of the various zip codes relating to the gun shows can quickly become an accounting nightmare!


Luckily, Merchant Magic® allows you to process each sale at its own sales tax rate which means you can set the sales tax to the local rate at each gun show or you can modify the sales tax on the fly.


Reports exist listing sales tax by zip and state.  The "Sales Tax By State" report lets you see the sales by state and by date range to determine if you have met the economic nexus for a specific state.    

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