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"Our POS software was designed from the get-go for FFL's. 
Our embedded Bound Book Health Checker is like having the ATF sniffing around your store all day long helping to keep you compliant " 

ATF Compliance is Native to Our Products



Merchant Magic®  includes an integrated serialized tracker that captures the complete acquisition/disposition history of each firearm and displays it in the ATF-Compliant A & D book.  


The bound book is automatically and INSTANTLY populated  as you receive, trade, consign, transfer, repair and sell firearms and NFA items.


There exists a built-in ATF Inspector that can run a daily audit and display data entry errors. 

ATF Compliance is NOT an After-Thought in Our POS Software.  

Compliance by Design

  • Merchant Magic® POS fulfills the requirements for ATF computerized record-keeping.  This means that you no longer have to notate your firearms transactions in a paper bound book as it is being kept in a computerized bound book.  Everything can be done using Merchant Magic® and all serial records will be accessible from YOUR computer that is located in YOUR store.  Serial number searches are fast and efficient, and your bound book is legible!

ATF Reports

  • Multiple Integrated Bound Books (Regular, Class 3 and Gunsmithing Books)

  • Serial List Report for Inventory

  • Generates the Multiple Weapons Report 

  • Time-to-Crime Quarterly Report

  • View all Dispositions within a Date Range 

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