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Includes Full Customer Tracking 

"Customer tracking translates into superb customer service for you.  If one of your customers is burglarized or you need to do a gun trace, you can instantly pull up their full purchase history in seconds. " 

Fast & Easy Searches

  • Partial Searches by Name or Phone Number

  • Export Customer Lists into a CSV file compatible with Excel, Mail Chimp, and other popular platforms  

  • View a Customer's Complete Purchase History, Consignments, Serialized Transactions, and Store Credit all in One Place!

Frequent Question

Q. "Let's say one of my customers was robbed. How hard is it to obtain a list of everything he bought in my store so he can give that report to his insurance company?

A. You can generate that report in seconds!  The customer report will show his full purchase history and will include his trade-ins, transfers, direct buys and consignments. 

This feature allows you to offer great customer support and at the same time, it takes less than a minute to generate. 

Track Your Customers

  • Conveniently Displays how Much Money the Customer has Spent in Your Store

  • Quickly Add Customers into Merchant Magic® by Scanning their Driver's LIcense

  • Generate Mailing Lists and Print Labels to Notify Customers of Any Sales

  • Track Memberships and Print Membership Cards on Your Regular 8.5 x 11 printer

Favorite Features

Everyone Benefits From a Reminder at Checkout


Attach a note to a customer profile and see it at POS checkout.  Sample notes are: Loyalty customer, military, LE, Owes $$, Don't let shoot on range, Tried a straw purchase, shop lifter, power shopper  etc...  

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