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Automatically Restock Your Store

"Magic Live is a tool built by Cervelle Software that automates the reordering process.  It can be scheduled to top off your inventory on a daily basis by automatically sending in purchase orders to the lowest cost distributor. "

Magic Live offers Live Catalogs and Live Ordering from the following four distributors: 

save TIME

Why waste time surfing the web to compare pricing and availability when Magic Live displays it in a centralized location expediting the ordering decisions?  

You can then place an order from Merchant Magic® to one or more participating distributors or you can let Merchant Magic® order for you "auto-magicallybased on your reorder points and maximums to keep in stock.  

control the FLOW

Am I losing control? 

No, YOU are gaining control of the ordering process because Magic Live puts YOU in the driver's seat. You never have to worry about Magic Live going on a wild shopping spree for the following reasons:

1. The only items that get reordered are those inventory items that YOU have flagged as "automatic replenishment" items.


2. Magic Live only replenishes the inventory when it falls below a threshold that YOU have defined.


3. It will only order up to the maximum that YOU have defined for that inventory item.  

4. YOU can schedule Magic Live to run automatically at a specific time each day or YOU can control the flow through the semi-automatic mode.  YOU can also turn off the ordering completely if necessary.

5. YOU can choose to participate in the automatic ordering utilizing all of our partners or a variation thereof.  You must also rank your distributors in the event of a tie.  All of this functionality is easily modified using the built-in tools.  

dealer CHOICES

Magic LIve works with four major distributors.  RSR, Sports South, Lipseys and Big Rock. These four distributors provide a lot of the mainstream inventory in the firearm and fishing industries.

Why Did we Choose these Four Distributors?

These four distributors offer the cutting-edge web service technology allowing LIVE inventory queries as well as Live ordering.  Live inventory queries eliminate the need for cumbersome and instantly outdated CSV/ Excel files.

get LIVE Catalogs

Magic Live supplies you with LIVE Catalogs from Big Rock, Lipseys, RSR and Sports South. 


Why are "Live" Catalogs Useful?

Live catalogs minimize typing and promote standardization during the receiving process.  Why type an inventory description when the live catalogs offer them for you?


Another handy use is to quickly see if a distributor carries a specific item, if they currently have it in stock and how much it will cost you.

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