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Credit Card Processing Choices

Cervelle Software offers THREE choices for INTEGRATED credit card processing:  Fortis, Global Payments Integrated and Gravity Payments™.  Enjoy competitive rates, top-notch customer support and fast response times with all three of these companies. 

Integrated Solution Partners

Cervelle Software offers integrated payment processing with the following partners:

  • Fortis


       800-989-2135 X316

  • Global Payments



Credit Card

Benefits of Integrated Credit Card Processing

1. Seamless Integration Cuts Down on Data Entry Errors.  No Double Entry!

2. Very Competitive Rates!

3. Continue to Take Credit Cards Even when Computer Goes Down!

4. Access to Credit Card Reports Anytime you Want them From a Desktop Icon.

5. PCI Compliant and SSL Encrypted Transactions Means your Transactions are Secure!

6.  Both Solutions Have a Dedicated Technical Support Team that Offers Help 7 days a week! 


Can I Stay With My Own Processor?

You can stay with your own processor but it will not be an integrated solution. This means you will have to key in the receipt totals into your stand-alone credit card application which lends itself to user error.

When it's integrated, you have peace of mind knowing that the correct amount is automatically transmitted from Merchant Magic® to the credit card processor and the receipt won't complete until full payment is received.  


When it's NOT integrated, you hope your cashiers don't forget to take the payment. 

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