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Reports Help You Make  Informed Business Decisions

Merchant Magic™ POS is packed with useful reports designed to satisfy your two favorite uncles:  Uncle Sam and Uncle ATF!


01.  Reports Overview

 Reports are the barometer of your business telling you what sells, what sits and how your store is doing. Listed below are some of our more popular ones. "

02. Standard Reports

  • Summary Sales

  • Sales by Dept/Category

  • Sales Tax (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

  • Sales Tax by Zip Code and State

  • Monthly Sales

  • Value of Inventory

  • Serialized Item Reports

  • ATF Bound Book

  • Multiple Handgun Report

  • Sales by Specific Customer

  • Sales by Employee

  • Sales Commissions

  • Restocking Reports

  • Reorder Reports

  • Trending Curves

  • Slow Movers

  • Fast Movers

03.  Favorites

  • Profit/Loss Reports

  • Average Items per Ticket

  • Inventory Reorder

  • View Old Receipts

  • View Old Purchase Orders

  • X-Out, Z-Out, Open/Close Reconciliation Reports

  • Consignment Reports

  • Best Sellers/Worst Sellers/Best Sellers but Low Supply

  • Customer Performance

  • Mailing List

  • Membership List

  • Annual Sale Graphs

  • Selected Inventory Trends

  • Value of Inventory

  • Serialized Items

  • Hand-Held Scanner Reconciliation Reports

  • Many, Many More...

04.  ATF-Related

  • ATF -Compliant Acquisition/Disposition Bound Book

  • 3310.4

  • Time to Crime

  • Dispositions by Date

  • 4473 by Customer

  • In-stock Serial Numbers

  • Serial Numbers for Specific Customer

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