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Streamline Your Reordering Process with Magic Live

What is Magic Live?  Ongoing inventory replenishment is one of the most important yet time-consuming efforts involved in running a successful retail business.  How much time do you spend surfing the web to find a distributor who has what you need at the best price?  In many cases, you are simply restocking your shelves with the same items day in and day out.  Such a process lends itself to a product offered by Cervelle Software called , "Magic Live".  Magic Live automates the reordering process for you.  It is ideal for reordering the must-have items in your store that you can't afford to run low on.  

CONTROL THE FLOW:  Setting up automatic reordering is easy.  Designate selected inventory items for auto-order with a single mouse click.  Then, set the reorder point and a maximum level to stock for each item and Magic Live will do the rest.  When your in-stock quantity runs below your reorder point, Magic Live will automatically reorder it from the participating distributor that has it at the best price.  Storm coming your way?  Don't want to order anything tonight?  You can turn off the automatic ordering with the click of a single button.  If you prefer to be more hands-on, you can run in a semi-automatic mode which allows you to review the purchase order before it gets sent.  You can even build an instant manual PO from Merchant Magic and send it directly to one of the distributors below.  

NEVER RUN LOW:  Magic LIVE can be set to AUTOMAGICALLY top off your inventory levels every night by sending in up to four purchase orders directly to the distributors.  Magic Live checks the distributor catalogs directly for availability.  When you come in the next day, your inventory should be waiting for you at the front door. If it is, you can receive the entire order through a Merchant Magic PO or you can choose to receive only part of it depending upon what showed up.

Cervelle Software has partnered with the following distributors to offer instant ordering based on their current quantities and pricing.

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