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Check Out Our Comprehensive Suite of Reports

"Merchant Magic comes with a number of built-in reports.  It even includes a sales tax report broken down by zip code to accommodate internet and Gunbroker sales. Below is a list of some of the reports. " 
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  • Sales by Date Range

  • P/L by Date Range

  • Sales Tax (daily, monthly, quarterly or custom date range)  

  • Sales Tax by Zip Code

  • Average Items Per Ticket

  • Sales by Specific Customer

  • Sales by Employee

  • X-Out/ Z-Out

  • Best Sellers/ Slow Sellers

  • Customer Performance


  • Value of Inventory

  • Serialized Items

  • Inventory Reorder

  • Hand Held Scanner Reconciliation Reports

  • Instock Reports

  • Shelf Restocking Report


  • ATF Bound Book

  • 3310.4 Multiple Handgun

  • Time to Crime

  • 4473 with Overflow Page

  • Serial List by Customer

What's Popular?

  • Value of Inventory

  • Bound Book

  • Sales Tax by Zip Code

  • Pull Up Old Receipts

  • Mail List

  • Custom- Report Tool

Credit Card Partners

  • Cervelle Software offers INTEGRATED credit card processing with the following processors:

  • Global Payments

  • Gravity Payments

  • Click the Credit Card Details button below for details.


More Reports

Consignment Reports

Membership Lists

Customer Performance

Repairs List

Employee Incentive Report

Purchase Orders

Sample Reports

Sales , X/Z and P/L Reports

Sales Tax Reports

Reorder Reports

Performance Reports

Built-in ATF-compliant bound book

Built-in 4473 

Trending Curves

Mailing Lists

Customer Details Report

and many more...

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