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Checking Inventory

Automatically Restock Your Store

Boost efficiency with hands-free ordering!  Magic Live automates your replenishment process, topping off your selected inventory daily by automatically sending purchase orders to the lowest-cost distributor that has the item in-stock. This is a customer favorite as it ensures your shelves are always restocked. 



Top Off Your Essentials Daily!

Save Time

Why waste time surfing the web for pricing and availability when Magic Live centralizes everything for you, speeding up your ordering decisions?  

With our semi-auto feature, you can easily place orders with participating distributors or you can let Merchant Live and Merchant Magic™ handle it for you 'auto-magically!'


Keep your inventory perfectly stocked whlle freeing yourself to focus on the tasks that require your attention.


Control the Flow

Am I losing control? 

No, YOU are gaining control of the ordering process because Magic Live puts YOU in the driver's seat. You never have to worry about Magic Live going on a wild shopping spree for the following reasons:

1. The only items that get reordered are those inventory items that YOU have flagged as "automatic replenishment" items.


2. Magic Live only replenishes the inventory when it falls below a threshold that YOU have set.


3. It will only order up to the maximum that YOU have designated for that inventory item.  

4. YOU can schedule Magic Live to run automatically at a specific time each day or YOU can control the flow through the semi-automatic mode. 


5. YOU can also turn off the ordering completely if necessary.

6.  YOU can choose to participate in the automatic ordering utilizing all of our partners or a variation thereof.  You must also rank your distributors in the event of a tie.  All of this functionality is easily modified using the built-in tools.  

Dealer Choices

Magic Live seamlessly integrates with four major distributors—RSR, Sports South, Lipsey's, and Big Rock—leaders in the firearm and fishing industries.

Why Choose These Distributors?

These distributors offer cutting-edge web service technology, enabling LIVE inventory queries and LIVE ordering. Say goodbye to cumbersome, outdated CSV/Excel files and hello to real-time inventory updates, ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips."

Beach Vacation

Vacation  Saver!

"Taking a vacation to the islands or off to a distributor show? No worries! Magic Live will keep your shelves stocked by automatically reordering items running low. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your inventory is always taken care of!"

Hurricane Coming?

If your area is about to be impacted by a hurricane or other storm, the last thing you need is some inventory showing up at your front door. Just to be safe, turn the auto-order off by throwing the master switch and click it back on when the storm is over!

Prefer to Start Slow? 

Start by tagging a few items for auto-replenishment and watch the magic happen. Once you're comfortable, you can gradually add more items at your own pace. Rest assured, it will never order more than the maximum you set. Experience hassle-free inventory management with total control!
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