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Did you know the most COMMON VIOLATIONS during ATF audits relate to mistakes on your 4473's?

Ask About Our Paperless 4473 Solution



ATF Kiosk

Merchant Magic™ features an ATF-kiosk mode, allowing the ATF to securely access and review your paperless 4473s.


This mode is fully locked down, preventing accidental editing or viewing of information outside the inspection scope, ensuring both compliance and data integrity.

Wait!  There's More to Love!

A key advantage of having the same manufacturer for both your POS and e4473 is the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact for all your needs.


You only need to call one company for any questions and pay for technical support just once, streamlining your operations and saving you time and money.


With our integrated solution, you'll never have to play the "hot potato" game, wondering which company to call for answers or solutions.


Additionally, having a single provider building both software  products eliminates the "bridge" between two dissimilar products, ensuring seamless operation and support.

Popular Features

Cervelle's electronic 4473 works seamlessly with Merchant Magic™ POS

  • Uses the Latest 4473 Form

  • Prints an Overflow Page if Applicable

  • Attach an unlimited number of documents to your 4473

  • 3310.4 attaches automatically

  • Legible 

  • 4473 Can be Viewed and Reprinted through Merchant Magic™

  • Easy-to-Use

  • Run Multiple 4473 Kiosks at Your Store

  • Use a Signature Pad or Sign the touch screen with your finger or stylus

  • Extensive Built-in ERROR Checking.

  • Touch-Screen Compatible for quick navigation.

  • Runs on a Windows-based Laptop or Workstation.

Make ATF Audits a Breeze

With Merchant Magic™ POS, you can effortlessly access your existing 4473 alongside the corresonding bound book entries, multiple pistol/revolver reports, and receipts—all in one view—streamlining ATF audits and ensuring seamless ATF compliance.

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