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ATF Compliance is Native to
Our Software Products

Our software products were designed from the get-go for FFL's.   An A/D Book audit tool is embedded in the POS and it mimics the ATF sniffing around your records keeping you compliant. 


ATF Compliance is NOT an After-Thought in Our POS Software.  


ATF Compliance

Seamless Integration

Merchant Magic™ POS captures the complete acquisition / disposition history of each firearm and displays it in the ATF-Compliant A & D book that is native to our software. 

No Dual-Entry

The A/D book is automatically and INSTANTLY populated  as you receive, trade, consign, transfer, repair and sell firearms and NFA items.

Built-in Bound Book Checker

Run the built-in ATF Inspector on a daily or weekly basis to catch data entry errors. 

Gun Traces take Seconds

Conduct a gun trace in seconds rather than hours.


NICS and FDLE Autofill

Automatically Populates the NICS and FDLE background checkers from Merchant Magic™ POS 

ATF Reports

  • Maintain Multiple Integrated Bound Books (Regular, Class 3 and Gunsmithing Books)

  • Generates the Multiple Weapons 3310.4 Report 

  • Time-to-Crime Quarterly Report

  • View all Dispositions within a Date Range 

3310.4 Alerts at POS

Merchant Magic™ POS notifies you as soon as you close a firearm sale that a 3310.4 is required to be filed. 

The 3310.4 is populated and stored as a PDF where it can be attached to an email to be sent to the ATF and CLEO on the same day.

e-4473 Checks for Dealer Errors

The electronic 4473 is built right into the Merchant Magic™ and will alert the dealer when information is missing ensuring your 4473's are both legible and complete.


Merchant Magic™ POS fulfills the 18 bullet points outlined by the ATF for paperless 4473 recordkeeping.

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