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Waivers Protect Your Business

Simplify and secure your operations with our customizable waivers, designed to streamline consent processes and protect your business.


Electronic Waivers

Protect Your Business

Flexible and Easy

  • Create Your Own Waivers!                       

  • Decide When You Want your Waivers to Expire

  • Maintains History of Waivers for Each Customer 

  • Waiver Tool is Wizard-Based Facilitating Easy and Rapid Form Filling

  • Customers Can Scan Their Driver's License to Instantly Add Name and Address Information to Their Waivers. Scanning not Only Expedites Data Entry, it Minimizes the Risk of Spelling Mistakes and Typos. 


Core Functionality

  • Includes Waivers for Minors

  • Supports Multiple Waiver Stations

  • Waivers Can be Signed Using the TOPAZ Signature Pad or You Can Sign the Screen

  • Waivers are Stored Electronically - No Need to Print them Anymore

  • Easily Retrieve and View Waivers when Necessary

Over and Above

  • Include user-defined questions with waivers

  • Store unlimited number of waivers per customer                     

  • Create different types of waivers such as gun sale waivers, range shooting waivers, general waivers, etc...

Category-Specific Discounts

Members Enjoy User-Defined Category-Specific Discounts Based on their Member types

Discounts are  Automatically Applied at Checkout 

Quick Touch Check-in

Quickly Add Items to a Receipt Using the POS Quick Pad Feature

Customize the Quick Pad with Products of your Choice

Assign Colors to the Quick Pad for Visual Assistance

Access Waivers from the Range Station

Finger-tip access to the  waiver details when assigning lanes

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