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Built-In Security

Merchant Magic™ POS features a robust built-in security system that ensures employees only have access to the areas relevant to their roles, safeguarding your sensitive information and operations.

 Like a Belgian Malinois



Why is Security Necessary?

The security features in Merchant Magic™ POS provide you with  control over employee access and actions within the system.

Controlled Access: You can specify where employees can navigate and what functions they can perform, ensuring they only access areas relevant to their roles.

Functional Area Restrictions: Security measures lock employees out of restricted functional areas within the software.

Privacy Protection: These security features help maintain the privacy of your business operations.

Theft Reduction: By preventing unauthorized editing of on-hand inventory quantities, security helps cut down on employee theft and ensures accurate tracking of shrinkage

Examples of Security-Driven Features

Open and Close reports calculate how much money should be in the till at the end of the day, and these reports cannot be edited to fit how much an employee would like to leave in the till!

Receiving Reports can be compared against distributor invoices to ensure everything was added to store inventory vs into an employee's gym bag or pockets!

Gift cards are security-driven.

Prices cannot be edited on the fly at point of sale without sufficient rights

On-hand costs can be viewed and not edited. 

Access to changing security levels is security-driven.


Q. "Help! I can't log into Merchant Magic™ POS without a password!  What's that about?  Once I do get in, will I have access to everything?"

A. Merchant Magic POS requires a username and a password to log in.  If you have been locked out,  it is possible that your boss fired you or didn't set you up yet.

Your data is safely stored on a computer in your store.  

You truly own your data because it is in your possession and you know what they say about possession and 9/10 of the law.

We can never turn over your data to a state agency because we don't have it in our possession.  You control your data.

Where is my Data Stored?

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