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Oops! It Broke!

Merchant Magic™ POS includes a comprehensive gunsmithing/repairs tool that allows you to document every aspect involved in repairing a gun, lower, rod, bow or other item. Firearms are "automagically" logged into the electronic repairs ATF bound book which can be viewed separately from the non-repairs book. It's your choice.


Repairs: Gunsmithing 

01.  What Information is Captured?

Merchant Magic™ POS seamlessly tracks every detail of your repair process, from drop-off to pickup. It records when the item was brought in, the issue reported, and all repair specifics. If the firearm is sent to the manufacturer or gunsmith, your A/D book is automatically updated. Upon pickup, your cashier can quickly retrieve the repair details and seamlessly transfer them to a POS receipt, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.


02. Does the Software Generate a Repair Ticket?

Absolutely!  The repair ticket can be printed and included with the repair item as well as provided to the customer.

03.  Does the Software Require me To Enter a Repair in the electronic A/D book?

The repairs module is flexible in that it doesn't require you to put an entry into the bound book because various scenarios can arise:

1. The weapon will not be on premise for more than 24 hours.

2. The item is not a firearm.

3. The firearm is a range gun and is already in your bound book as an acquisition.

We encourage you to log all firearms into the bound book even if it will not be in your possession for more than 24 hours.

04.  Will my Repair Guns Show as Part of My Inventory when it Comes to IRS Tracking? 

For Uncle Sam's purposes, the repair guns are NOT counted as part of your store's inventory.

05.  Will my Repair Guns Show in their Own A/D Book? 

It's up to you.  Since the records are all electronic, you can pick if you want your repairs guns mixed in with your regular guns or if you prefer to have them  separate.  The software allows you to do either.

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