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Local Storage Offers
Peace of Mind

Worried about data breaches from cloud solutions?  With Merchant Magic™ POS , you can rest easy knowing your data is stored on your own servers not in the cloud on someone else's servers.  Enjoy full control and added security with a desktop solution.    

Local Storage


Control and Security

Users have direct control over their data because it is stored on a computer at their premises.  This guarantees security as well as privacy and is the ideal solution when having to store  sensitive information such as 4473's, A/D books and firearm purchase history.  To be ATF-compliant, a paperless 4473 solution must maintain the 4473's locally.  

Conversely, cloud solutions maintain complete control over the software and will deny access to data should you not pay your monthly dues.  If a cloud solution increases your rates, you will have to either pay the new rates or lose access to the tool that lets you view your data.  Do you prefer to control access to your data or are you willing to let someone else control access to your own data?


Stay Secure with Cervelle:  Nothing to Provide When Subpeonaed

Cervelle has received multiple subpoenas from states requesting our customers' POS records. Each time, we've proudly upheld our commitment to privacy by not providing any data from our servers. Why? Because we don't store your information on our servers at all. Your data remains securely on your own computer, ensuring it stays private and fully under your control, not ours.


In contrast, cloud solutions store your data on their servers, making it accessible to subpoenas from the ATF, attorney generals, or other legal agencies. This is a crucial factor to consider if you own a gun shop in a litigious state that closely monitors magazine and AR sales, among other things. 


Local Storage Offers Fast Access Speeds and Larger Data Results

Accessing locally stored data is typically faster than retrieving it from the cloud, as it doesn't depend on internet connectivity or remote server speeds.  Cloud solutions must share data requests across all the requesting devices for all companies being hosted on the servers.  This explains why less data is available upon request with cloud solutions.  Loud solutions can store and display years of receipt information with a single "find" request.


What Happens When the Cloud Company Goes Out of Business or When You Leave them?

Have you considered how you'll access your retail records from a cloud solution if the company storing it goes out of business or if you decide to switch tools? Typically, the cloud provider will provide your data in a few CSV files, but how practical is your data if you can only view it with software like Excel?

When your software and data are stored locally on your computer, you'll always have full access to tools like Merchant Magic™ POS because they're installed directly on your computer, not reliant on cloud-based servers.


One-Time Cost for the POS Software

Companies that support local storage generally sell the software outright meaning you will purchase rather than lease it. The upfront cost of a locally stored solution tends to be more but the ROI comes after the first year.  Typically, the cost of a cloud solution rather than a local solution is similar by the end of the first year.  

If Merchant Magic™ POS cost $2400 the first year and the cloud POS cost you $200 per month , the two solutions are comparable in price the first year.  In the second year, Merchant Magic™ POS will cost you $0 for the software and the SaaS cloud POS will cost another $2400.  


Cloud Solutions Provide Less Functionality

Cloud solutions tend to offer less features overall and less features per web page.  That is inherent in the design of cloud-based solutions.  Local solutions don't have to pull data across the web so more information is available at your finger tips on each screen.  Your time is precious.  Do you want to spend it navigating multiple screens rather than just a few?  


ATF A/D and 4473 Records

What happens when your A/D book is in the cloud and the cloud vanishes because the solution is not as comprehensive as expected or the price was more than the service? Hopefully, you have a PDF file of your bound book as well as PDF files of your paperless 4473 solution stored locally and readily accessible.   With Merchant Magic™ POS, you can avoid this risk because your ATF records are stored locally and are always accessible even if you don't purchase the annual technical support contract. 


Data Privacy

Cloud-based data can be shared with other companies, often without your knowledge.  Data is valuable and marketing agencies are willing to pay top dollar for it so they can sell it to companies who are interested in evaluating sales trends.  Because Cervelle doesn't store your data, Cervelle can't share it or sell it. 


Cloud farms are more prone to hacking compared to single computers, as there is significantly more data to breach on cloud servers than on local ones.


You Need a Computer to View POS Records

Whether you opt for a cloud-based or local storage POS product, you'll still need a computer at your store to access the web and run the POS software. Additionally, common POS peripherals such as thermal printers, cash drawers, and driver's license scanners are all computer-driven, necessitating a computer for both solutions to operate effectively.


You can certainly use a phone app for accessory sales, but you will benefit from a full-fledge POS product when doing trades, consignments, ATF reports. 




Accessing Your Records Remotely

Cloud storage allows users to access their data from anywhere with internet access, enabling seamless collaboration and file sharing among multiple devices and users.  With local storage solutions, remote access software products exist allowing you to also connect to your store computers and view your records, create receipts, run reports, etc...  

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