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Training is Included with
Your Purchase

Cervelle is a HUGE believer in the benefits of training.  Our capable support specialists are patient and caring and relish the opportunity to teach you how to best use Merchant Magic™ POS.



Does Cervelle Software Offer Training?

Cervelle Software provides comprehensive training sessions following your software installation.

During setup, our technical support specialists will assist you in customizing the POS software to meet your needs.


You'll learn how to input your inventory and manage sales, consignments, trades, transfers, etc....

All training is conducted online. We will connect to your computer running Merchant Magic™ to guide you through the process.


Then, you'll take the lead and demonstrate your new skills!

Why is Training Necessary?

Merchant Magic™ boasts an extensive feature list designed to meet diverse business needs.

We collaborate with you to ensure you fully utilize the built-in functionality relevant to your specific business, while bypassing features that don't apply.


For instance, we won't cover gunsmithing repairs if your store doesn't offer that service.

Our approach is highly customer-oriented, with training tailored to your unique requirements.

Additionally, ongoing training is included in the price of our technical support contract, ensuring continuous support and skill development.

Unlimited Training

Our software training sessions puts SMILES on your faces as they are comprehensive and fun!  

Workers at Warehouse Computer
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