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Providing Retail Software for the Shooting, Hunting and Fishing Industries Since 2000

Simplify the Complexities of Retail Management with our Affordable,  All-in-One Solutions   


Our Products

All-In-One Solution
  • Uses Latest 4473 Form

  • Auto-Fills Firearms From POS Stations

  • Dealer-Side Error Checking

  • Double-Sided Printing

  • Legible Forms

  • Easy-to-Use

  • Sign the Signature Pad or Sign the Screen

  • Reprint Any Time

  • 3310.4 attaches automatically

  • Build a Working Website in Days, not Months

  • Easily Upload Your Store Inventory 

  • Automatically Downloads Orders Into POS

  • Upload Used Items

  • Sales Tax Reports By State and Zip Code

  • Real-Time Synching

  • Interface w/ and Big

​Streamline inventory management and orders by leveraging information from LIVE catalogs including RSR, Sports South, Lipseys, and Big Rock.  Never run low.


Set reorder points on selected items and let Merchant Magic automatically reorder fast-moving inventory.

Expedites the Check-in Process and Maintains a Comprehensive Snapshot of Your Current Lane Usage as Well as the Customer Waiting List.

Immediate acccess to member, waiver and customer notes information at check-in.

Waivers protect your business.

Create an unlimited number of different waivers customzing them by adding yes/no questions.

Set the expiration dates on your waivers.

Purchase the waiver tool outright as opposed to paying monthly by volume. 

Orange Wall

POS  S O F T W A R E      


Easy to Use


Merchant Magic™ POS takes the hassle out of compliance and operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your customers. Make your gun shop's management seamless and efficient with our fully integrated solutions.

Why Buy Gun-Shop Specific POS?

The firearms industry is more complex than many other types of retail stores and you need a tool that will handle it!


Gun shops offer the customer an outlet for buying their used weapons in the form of trades, direct buys and/or consignments. 


FFL transfers are commonplace as are gun trace requests.  Many gun shops have shooting ranges, which allow customers to run open tabs.  


Gun shops also have ATF requirements that must be satisfied. 


Merchant Magic™ POS makes compliance to all of this a snap because these are built-in processes!

FFL-Related Features Include:

  • Consignments

  • Direct Buys

  • FFL Transfers

  • Multiple Integrated Bound Books (Regular, Class 3 and Gunsmithing Books)

  • Serial List Report

  • Automatically Alerts You When Multiple Weapons Report Exists

  • Generates the Multiple Weapons Report 

  • Easily Look up Serial Number History

  • Sales Can Be Financed

  • Track L.E. Items at Inventory and Point of Sale

  • Track allocated items

  • 4473 kiosk using latest 4473

  • ATF Magic Checker - Integrated Bound Book


FULLY-Integrated Serial Number Tracker  

Merchant Magic™  POS has an integrated serialized tracker that shows you the complete acquisition/disposition history of each firearm! 


The bound book is automatically and INSTANTLY populated  as you receive, trade, consign, transfer, repair and sell firearms.  

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