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Range Management Software Reduces Bottlenecks at Check-in

Streamline Check-ins with Instant Access to Waivers, Membership Info, and Customer Waiting Lists, All While Keeping a Detailed Snapshot of Lane Usage.


Range Management

Favorite Features

  • Range Management is Seamlessly Integrated into Merchant Magic™ POS.

  • Developed by Cervelle Software

  • Easy-to-Use!

  • Drag and Drop qualified customers into Open Lanes

  • Tracks rental gun usage and lane usage

  • Keeps running tabs

  • Split tenders

  • Close out receipt and keep lanes reserved.

  • Show lanes as down or reserved.

  • Color-code the lanes and name each lane something descriptive


  • Includes Membership Tracking and Reporting

  • Category-Specific Discounts by Member Type

  • Assign Member Numbers Based on Driver's License, Phone Number or Customer ID

  • View membership detail when adding a customer to a lane

  • Customer notes display at lane assignment

Category-Specific Discounts

Members Enjoy User-Defined Category-Specific Discounts Based on their Member types

Discounts are Automatically Applied at Checkout 

Quick Touch Check-in

Add Items to a Receipt Using the POS Hot Key Feature

Customize the Hot Key tool with Products of your Choice

Assign Colors to the Quick Pad for Visual Assistance

Access Waivers from the Range Manager

Finger tip access to the  waiver details when assigning lanes

Lane Management

  • Retrieve Customers from the Electronic Waiting List at the POS Stations and Assign them to a Lane​

  • Assign up to Ten Shooters to a Lane.

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