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POS Software for the Firearms Industry

Simplify the Complexities of Retail Management    
with our Affordable, All-In-One ATF-Compliant Solutions.         
Coreware  Gearfire  Axis  Celerant  rapid

Ask About Our Fully-Integrated Paperless 4473!  

4473 Kiosks

  • Uses Latest 4473 Form

  • Auto-Fills Firearms From POS Stations

  • Dealer-Side Error Checking

  • Double-Sided Printing

  • Legible Forms

  • Easy-to-Use

  • Sign the Signature Pad or Sign the Screen

  • Reprint Any Time

  • Automatically Connected to Bound Book and 3310.4

  • Build a Working Website in Days, not Months

  • Easily Upload Your Store Inventory 

  • Automatically Downloads Orders Into POS

  • Upload Used Items

  • Sales Tax Reports By State and Zip Code

  • Real-Time Synching

  • Interface w/ and Big

  • Automatically Replenishes Items in Your Store

  • Reorders Directly From Merchant Magic® POS

  • Uses Best-Price Ordering

  • Includes Full and Semi-Automatic Ordering

  • Fill Special Orders Through the POS

  • Live Catalogs Expedite Data Entry of New Items

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